[Carrying forward the great job of the establishment of the Party "

  In October 2017, the Party’s 19th National Congress puts the party constituency together with the core status of General Secretary of Xi Jinping and General Secretary Xi Jinping, written on the banner of the party. This is a common choice for history and people, solemn choice, inevitably choose. Party and government military and civilians, China and West Northeast, the party is to lead everything.

  Comprehensively, from severe administration, the core is to strengthen the party’s leadership, the foundation is comprehensive, the key is strict, and the key is in the treatment. In the face of a more intense corruption, since the 18th National Congress of the Party, Comrade Xi Jinping’s party Central Committee with "Thousands of people who did not lose 13 billion", made a critical choice for strict treatment of the party.

  Farm is going to squat, and you will reach the chaos. In a new Chinese history, the Chinese Communist Party has historically, intensity, breadth, and deep anti-corruption struggle open.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping personally planned, personally deployed, personally promoted, to create the style of construction as a breakthrough, introduced the eight provisions of the Central Committee, the above rate "Multi-tube, inspection and inspection, strictly investigate and deal with a group of high-end cadres violations and discipline cases; vigorously promote the reform of national monitoring system, and achieve full coverage of all public officials of all exercise public powers. In the past nine years, it has been strictly governing the party "The attitude is not changed, the determination is not reduced, and the scale is not loose.