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In August 1925, Qingdao.

The youth on the sick wanderer, to the comrades around him: "I hope that all comrades work well, and struggle for the liberation of the proletariat and all mankind and the thorough implementation of communism." He is Wang Yimei, life The scale will never be 27 years old.

One of the founders of the Communist Party of China, the earliest organizers and leaders of Shandong Party organizations are one of the earliest words of the Chinese Communist Representative.

  In 1918, Wang Yimei, who has just been 20, has taken the first nature school in Shandong Province in his hometown. At that time, outside the country, outside the country, the first world war in the world, and the world war, the world war is adjacent to the end. This year, within this year, the gunshots of the guns, the warlords who strived to win the fish, and the warlords of the people are still difficult to see.

  During the Jinan students in Jinan, Wang was actively involved in the May Fourth Patriotic Movement, and was initiated as one of the heads of the Shandong Student Federation. In March 1920, after the University of Peking University, after the establishment of the study, he was developed as a foreign member. In November of the same year, he launched a new society with Dun En Ming, and founded the "Qixin" half-month.

This half-monthly magazine actively promotes new ideas, new culture, published many articles on social transformation, criticizing the disadvantages, inspiratory youth consciousness.

  "The poor class meets the territory, and" "

The cement sand is in the sea, and Qiao has a vicissitudes. "This is the most famous" of the Mi America "is in the creation – gift friends."

Wang Yimei, the original Wang Ruijun.

After writing this short poem in 1921, he turned "the United States" as his name to show his own ambitions and theism. That is to achieve good society for all mankind. Also in this year, he and Deng Enformed as a representative of the early organization of Jinan, China, and participated in the First Congress of the Communist Party of China. Here he has encountered a large number of like-minded comrades, and we have a deep impression on each other. The king returned in Shanghai, turned and turned into a magnificent revolutionary movement. Under the guidance of the Representative of the Central Committee, he established the Shandong District of the Communist Party of China in Shandong and served as secretary.

In January 1922, he went to Moscow to participate in the First Congress of Communist Party and National Revolutionary Group in Far East. In July of the same year, he went to Shanghai to attend the party’s two.

He participated in the drafting "Labor Law Outline" and became the program of party guidance workers in this period. Mountain Customs, Qinhuangdao, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Jinan, Qingdao, Qingzhou, Yixian … Wang Yimei travels around, for the national revitalization, the people awakened the light and heat. Long-term forgetting my work and hard life, let him suffer from severe tuberculosis.

Even so, he still has a disease leading to the glue railway, the four-party machine factory workers strike, etc., until the front line of the work is dead. "Forty-decade ago, there will be a flue language in the South Lake. How much is Jinan famous, Jun and En Ming are not old. ", Recall the annual death revolutionary comrades.