The new life of the tourism new business (comprehensively built a well-off society "Baicheng Qianxian Wan Village Turning")

  "The middle half of the hundred more people is moss, the purple flowers are open."

"Spring is full of rapeseeds, can you" abnormally "bloom in the deep autumn? Enter the Jiangxi Yanyuan Jiangling Scenic Area, along the road, and a scent of gobblemaked flowers quietly introduced into the eyes. This is the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences to createAutumn oil sailage sea. The rapeseed flower in the autumn allows the source of the source to continue to live.

In 2020, "Eleventh" holiday, the source will receive 10,000 visitors, and the comprehensive income is 100 million yuan, the year-on-year increase exceeds 15%.

Spring flowers autumn, old house new life, the ancient rhyme is present … The source is in the area of ??the public, the ancient village protection and folk performances, etc.

  Spring flowers autumn, develop beautiful economic spring flowers He Qiukai? A bold attempt from Li Jun. Li Jun is a sub-research staff of the China Academy of Agricultural Sciences. He found that the overall scale of the local viewing economy is large, but there are problems such as a seasonal, weak industrial chain, homogenization competition. Jiangling Scenic Area with 10,000 mu of rapeseed flower terraces, the number of tourists in the spring accounts for about 90% of the year, and the seasonal difference is large.

  How to make the spending a flower economy "Flower" and "often open"? Li Jun puts forward the idea, "Develop autumn oil, and then make a tourist season.

"Many people will believe will be suspicious," can the rapeseed can open in autumn? "Li Jun first tied into the laboratory, led the team to step up research and research, through the integration of new technologies such as seed pre-springization, fertilizer regulation, and induction of the induction of the seed, 200 more acres of rapeseed, successful realization The cultivation of the autumn landscape of the subtropical low altitude area. Outside the field, the rapeseed flower sea is like a chain; before the field, the tourists are gathered together to choose the soil specialty.

"The oil and tea fruit of the leather, it is a self-hiented; the big full chrysanthemum tea is the old companion …" The village Xia Shuo’s good side of Zhang Luo said, skillfully handed the mobile phone QR code, scan code payment The tick is from time to time.

  Xia Sheng is a poor household, and it is located in the Xixou Township Village adjacent to Jiangling. It is only a few months in the Spring Festival in previous years. After that, I have to take a few miles away to zero.

Today, a good scenery that can earn money at the door of the house is back, one month, Xia Meiliang earned more than 3,000 yuan. Flowers will be opened. In October 2020, the number of tourists in the Jiangling Scenic Area has increased sharply nearly 90% from the previous year, and the rapeseed flowers in the spring and autumn will make the source tour from "a season tour" to "all season tour" transition and upgrade.

  Laocked freshman, wake up the sleeping resource flaming, golden chrysanthemum, green green bamboo shoots … Take the autumn big mom Cao Jiajing stepped on the mottled light and shadow, putting a square bamboo 匾 匾 码, autumn, more points Colorful color, rendering the poetic poetry in the ancient village of hundreds of vicissitudes.

  In the village, the ancient emblem of the flour of the flour, the building is built.

Who can think of this quiet ancient village, a quiet ancient village, a person walks in the house. "There are many people in the village to work in the city." Cao Jiajing remembered that many old houses were damaged.

  In 2009, Wuyuan County invests 12 million yuan to build immigrant new villages, and 320 villagers in Yuling implemented overall relocation. New Village is replaced by the elderly, the total investment of more than 600 million yuan of Lingling Tourism Development Project will start, and the ancient village "is old as old", awaken the old house, and the Lingling will become a national AAAA-level tourist scenic spot, and the annual tour will break through Millions of people.

  "The scenery" changed "Qian Jing", and the Cao Jiajing has become the office worker at the door, and the three children entering the cities and returns to the home, and the waiter, cleaning staff, and cable car drivers, the old lady I also apply for a job, do a full-time elderly model. Cao Jiaqi and the old friends face tourists, falling in generously, and send a photo from time to time.

  Cao Jiade said, "In the past few years, I feel more and more young!" In 2019, Cao Jiashi’s little son Cao Rig took out 8 million yuan, and the 3-storey building was transformed into 16 rooms in the hotel, online evaluation quickly rose. point.

Nowadays, there are more than 200 homestages, there are more than 200 scenic spots. In 2019, the tourism income of Lingling villagers more than 6 million yuan, per capita annual income jumped from 3,500 yuan before the tourism development to 40,000 yuan.

  There are more than 4,000 ancient buildings in the first more than a hundred years. It is the largest ancient village group in the country. In the past five years, the cumulative investment of more than 200 million yuan, and the development model of "all the people are all scenes, village villages is the scene", and village villages are the development model. The ancient rhythm is now wind, the interpretation of the millennium folk late wind, the water is 淙淙, the public, I wish the roots, a long, a fisherman, Xiaozhu raft. Under the chasing light, a long scroll of a fishing boat sing lately, and a thousand views of the audience.

The moon color starry is a curtain, the river is a stage, and the peasant actors open the ancient Huizhou folk window for tourists in the "Dream House". I wish I am a fisherman in the local road, home on a small island of the Star River. Boating the boating, the net fishing is a small matter that is small.

Although it is rooted by the river, the days are not affluent.

The island is small, and the vegetables are full of feeding.

I wish I am from Shenzhen, I have worked in the south, but I still have a gradual parent, and I will return to the island.

  In 2015, "Dream Hometown" Theater settled in the source, the stage was built downstream of the Xingjiang River, which is less than two kilometers away. Inadvertently seeing a number of people who brought the ship’s net, a salary, a salary, and I wish the Gonghua’s eyes, and the director will be taking the board. This performance is more than 1,000 games.

  "When I am in the day, I am playing the public at night, I earn money at the door, and I have become a scene of the source." I wanted to think about it before. "I wish I wish I am happy on the face.

  "There are more than 190 people like I wish I wish I am in the group, and most of them are farmers from Shili Ba Township.

"The" Dream Hometown "Art Troupe said that last year" Eleventh "holiday, the dream of the old home scenic spot receiving nearly 150,000 visitors.

  The new business is a new life that is getting rich in the doorstep.

"People’s Daily" (January 07, 2021) (Editor: Rona, Qiu Wei).