Winter peak consumption of energy security for the lifting gear upgrades

[] "Winter and spring is the peak energy consumption, coal demand will further increase on the basis of the current high level on." November 8, the National Energy Bureau spokesman in the fourth quarter of online news conference revealed that, under step, clutching the national energy Board will increase production of coal supply, and promote the national coal production has stabilized at a high level.

At the same time, the optimization of coal supply, give prominence to key areas such as the Northeast coal supply security, be priority in terms of resources, capacity and focused their attention on the implementation of, and resolutely safeguard people’s livelihood coal demand.

In addition, vigorously promote the construction of natural gas production and marketing system for storage, improve supply support capabilities. This year underground gas storage, gas injection plan can be completed ahead of schedule in pre-season heating included in the annual plan of the new expansion of gas storage project realization "should be open to do open." This year, my country’s economy continues to recover, the rapid growth in energy demand, showing "high to low" trend, year on year growth rate gradually declined in the third quarter year on year growth over the first quarter, the second quarter were down about two percentage points percentage points. It is noteworthy that, after steady through the beginning of the heating season and summer two energy peaks by the south runoff dried up, affecting coal prices, a temporary repair unit capacity increase of multiple factors, some parts of the energy supply.

  For the above, the State promptly introduced a series of policy measures. Above spokesman said that the current coal production capacity to accelerate the release, increase yield for significant results, average daily production to maintain a high level, the number of days available to enhance the coal stocks, coal price highs; the ability to gradually increase power security for the country’s electricity supply and demand tensions have eased, no further power cuts phenomenon. Data show that 1 to 28 October nationwide average daily production of 11.2 million tons of coal mine scheduling, than the September average daily increase of 80 million tons, about the recent average daily production of 11.4 million tons. From major coal-producing areas, average daily coal production in Shanxi, Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia more than 8.3 million tons, accounting for 75% of national coal production, contribution to output growth rate of around 100%, give full play to the role of large ore province. Above spokesman said the next step, the National Energy Board will pay close attention to increase production for coal, natural gas transport capacity storage sales to strengthen convergence, to protect the security of power supply. According to reports, in terms of coal supply increase production, the National Energy Board will strengthen guidance and policy coordination, policy has been introduced in time to keep track of the implementation of the floor, to make adjustments to adapt in real time.

Key coal-producing province and ensure safe and secure stable large mines at full capacity to help low capacity utilization, yield potential of the provinces there are still practical problems to solve, to further increase capacity utilization.

At the same time, pay close attention to meet peak winter coal supply and demand situation, generally do tight and orderly, controllable situation.

In addition, the overall good overall consideration.

In accordance with the principle of full play to the role of energy coal main implementation of good coal "Fourteen Five Year Plan", the system insist on the concept of supply-side structural reforms continued to deepen, adhere to the "big pressure on the small, by superior and eliminating the inferior" to enhance safety in coal mines, green production quality, the role of coal fallback guarantee further implemented.

  With the cold season, a significant increase in demand for natural gas. "Economic Information Daily" reporters learned from the 8th Co., Ltd. China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, China Petrochemical Southwest Petroleum Bureau for implementation of the security measures in advance to effectively protect the livelihood of gas demand, the current daily gas production increased to 23 million cubic meters, a record high , equivalent to the normal gas to meet the needs of 46 million households every day.

  Above spokesman said that this year’s heating season can be put into operation in Xinjiang coal gas export pipeline (Qianjiang – Chenzhou section), the western section of West-East Gas booster project, outside the Liaohe pressurized gas storage pipeline project.

Meanwhile, the National Energy Board to "be open to do on" "should make storage reservoir" as the main line of work, to do a good job building gas storage capacity and projects under construction. "In the face of natural gas industry increasingly strong demand for risk management, the period of the natural gas futures continue to promote research and development, in August this year, liquefied natural gas futures formally approved by the SFC project is currently accelerating the listing.

"In the Tenth China International Petroleum Trade Conference November 8th, the Shanghai Futures Exchange General Manager Wang Fenghai said.