Zhang Jing: The standardization performance can also be converted to the assessment indicator

Zhang Jing, a deputy researcher of the University of Renmin University Medical Reform, promoted high-quality medical resources, and the medical works became a grader of grading diagnosis and treatment. Zhang Jing emphasized that the construction of medical information is dominated by management reform, and cannot only rely on the government’s support. It is necessary to take time and continue to lose competition chips in the future. "Future ‘Fourteen Five-Year Medical Federation Construction and Hierarchical Treatment will continue to be promoted.

The reconfiguration of grading diagnosis and treatment is designed to change the pyramid tower type of China’s medical and health service system, and change the situation of the grassroots medical institutions. "Zhang Jing said that public hospitals are the carrying unit of Medical Federation, and members of Medical Federation should solve the problem of reform, development, management and service.

The medical company has achieved certain results so far, how to evaluate the construction of medical constructs? Zhang Jing emphasized that the results of assessing the construction of the medical profit, it is necessary to see if the quality resources are sinking, but also to see if the grassroots capacity is improved, but also to see if the upper resource is flowing.

"The country has introduced a policy of medical advice to the medical advice. It is possible to resolve one by one for the National Medical Federation Performance Assessment Indicators.

Zhang Jing pointed out that by applying, standardization, and value measurement, the statistical analysis of each of the medical works, the statistical analysis can not only be used as a basis for the medical administration of the medical administration, but also as a medical company’s own inside. The basis for assessment and performance allocation. The standardization performance refers to the comparison of the service items provided by non-charge projects, toll items, medical services and management services, compute points, and calculate points, and achieve value exchange through points. To crack the continued cooperation between different administrative membership management and different types of medical institutions. Just like Zhang Jing said that the construction of Medical Federation will continue to advance.

The standardization performance management will help to achieve the "Government has a handicon, the Medical Federation of the Medical Filse", and the Union Unit has a contributing multi-party win-win. (Wang Guojing).